Casa de Dom Inacio is a place where everyone is welcome
regardless of religious or political affiliation. Even though
God is being spoken of in the Casa, everyone is free to
embrace it, interpret/not interpret, believe/disbelief, as
they like. It is a loving atmosphere that prevails and every
visitor is there for the same reason - to receive help.

The Casa is situated in a very beautiful area with an amazing
view over the surrounding nature which brings you to
stillness. Abadiânia, where the Casa is situated, is located in
the Brazilian highlands thereof the view.

Medium Joâo is on set every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
with some exceptions. There are many people who gather
these days. Everybody is to stand in different lines depending
on earlier instructions and this work is facilitates by guides and
volunteers working at the Casa.

Those who go through me will have two helpers. Myself and a
guide working at the Casa which also privately helps us to
translate into Portuguese what needs to be forwarded to
Medium Joâo.